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Monday, June 08, 2009 

Tow Truck - A Love Story Trilogy + Epilogue

It has been a week not to be relived. Just the night before, Twiggy (the beetle) has fallen 'sick' again and in the morning suppose to make her wedding car debut.

7 days, 3 tow trucks and 1 major event later - here is the ending - happy ever afters? - let's hope three times a charm.

Enjoy! I Like Tow Trucks!

Special Thanks:
To April & Boi who I loved so dearly, may you have a wonderful life together. Candice & Ye Siang who were there all this while for this ordeal. Anthony's special guest appearance on Part II and his wonderful photographs. Patrick who had to help me find a screw driver. Inez and Johan for stayng behind the first time around. Steiner for having to redo the decorations and Jason for helping with the shooting part of this epilogue.

The 3 Tow Truck drivers - you guys are the best. The receptionists from AAS who have been patient with me and understanding my frustrations. My mechanic Gan who probably benefited the most out of this collateral income.

Everyone who has dropped a comment, SMS, called, came up to me to ask how Twiggy is - as if she is a real person (in many ways she is).

If there is a lesson I have learnt from this past week - relationships are not easy, you really have to work hard to make it work; now, to apply this with humans.

Helpful blog post and great sharing. Some things in here I have not thought about before, I want to use this moment to say that I really love this blog. It has been a fantastic resource of knowledge for me. Thank you so much!
Vinnys Towing

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