Tuesday, July 22, 2008 

Music Video: Black Forest 黑森林

Just finished shooting over the weekend "The Days" movie's theme song 还我自由 (My Freedom) by Black Forest. Only one of the best rock bands in Singapore. Nic, April and myself spotted them at a mini concert at our friend's place Hark Music and have since fell in love with their music and passion. Thank you to Ernest, Iqbal, Adwin, Sky and Renhui - you guys are awesome. Working on the edit now, it is going to be something to watch out for.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 

What about No 4?

Stills from film "Dystopia: No. 4". Photography by Anthony Levi Kho " Let There Be Light

Priorities. What comes first? Not everyone is a good at multitasking. "Time flies", "Minutes Count", "I want it yesterday!". We actually live for a very short time if you really start counting.

"No. 4" is part of the "Dystopia" film project helmed by 10 new Singaporean filmmakers. This, I have to admit, was done on a whim. I wrote something else for this segment, which started from interracial relationship to a crazy loner Superhero story, got back into the relationship mode after watching "The Home Song Stories" and "Little Children" and started stabbing the laptop with what eventually became this.

I have to really thank Chrissie, Nic and Mike for pulling all of us together. I have to admit also that I was a little reluctant at first because the rest of the guys have actually made films before and most have a formal education in film-making. So I wasn't very confident at first as I always serve as the producer. Very honoured to be part of this new brave group of film-makers.

Another person who really made this happen is Yann Yann. I sneakily slipped her the script one day, and she called back and said she read it twice over and really want to make this. Her energy and commitment really made me 'prioritize'. Thank you Yann!

"No. 4" is for all of us who do not have time. And looking forward to the other 8 films.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 

While we wait... for September

In less than 50 days, "The Days" will open in the cinemas. As we wait (desperately) for out ratings from the authorities there is just so much we can really do. Maybe this wait is a test of our faith; and a way for us to look back at the past years and see the friends we have made along the way.

Personally, I have never worked on such an ambitious project 'til date. It is amazing seeing people come together for this - to tell a simple story. I cannot fathom how it must be like for the production of "Red Cliff" who far exceed us by 100 folds.

Our editor and colourist have been working countless overnighters. Josef, Sokkuan who are helping us with the motion graphics and illustration to give the film that added oppm! are working tirelessly. Jim is writing the last song for the film to be sung by Adele. Chee Wei is still writing the music and scheduling the plan for the next month. For many, the journey ended on the last day of shoot - you guys are not forgotten. But for the last month, it is the work of the unsung heroes, people who will not appear on the film but brilliant craft and artistry will help finish the film - and make it into a movie.

Before starting, Boi, April and myself went to have our fortunes read. As predicted, the route to finishing this film is not going to an easy one. Everyone is constantly tested; and yes - we are all feeling the toil.

I haven't been sleeping well as we wait. 50 days to go. Thank you to all.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008 

Singapore Release Poster

Monday, July 07, 2008 

Teaser Posters out at Golden Village cinemas!

Check it out! Our teaser posters are up and now things feel quite real - as April puts it 'surreal'.