Monday, October 30, 2006 


I have been really not feeling very well the last 2 weeks. My gastric has been acting up once again and looks like I have a specialist appointment in December. sigh.

Many good things have happened since my last post. Caffeine has relaunched our new website which is now in a blog format. Just got too tired of any wanted something functionable, figured if the work is good, there will be reactions. If it is bad, even more. Sean and Cheryl will be on shoot next week. And we've got spankin' new namecards.

Formally started working on Addicted Entertainment with Chris. Great projects are happening for us here; More great stuff happening next year. Watch the spaces.

Originasian Pictures has taken on the task to try to bring the film industry (as well as music) together with Becoming Royston just got nominated in 3 catergories in the Asian Festival of First Films. Nic is coming back from Europe soon. Got the rough cut of the 90min version ready. Tears will flow.

Still waiting for 1819 to get back into action.

It may be a little early to look back on the year; if anything, it has been extremely eventful. I was a little jaded 2 weeks ago, slightly overwhelmed by the commitments I have. A client was asking me what do I do exactly, I said it really depends which hat you want me to wear. A graphic designer, a filmmaker, a marketing consultant, an event organiser, soon to be music producer, creative industry advocator. It has been a busy year, it has been a good year. I am overwhelm and deeply respect the people I worked with. They are the backbone of these slightly crazed antics. Thank you so much for making everything possible.

Little do many know, it has been a tough past 2 months (in terms of money) for me. There was a day when I had only $2 left in the bank. But you've got so many things going on what? Sure rich one mah! Actually, being in that state causes you to be more daring and creative. It makes you wonder what the hell am I doing, making so many things happen. Where do I find the time and energy to do all the stuff. You know what, try it for yourself. It can be done. And there is another kind of feeling of triumph at the end of the road. I am not there yet, hardly there. But it feels good, it feels alive.

I stand by the belief that creativity knows no bound. We are only restricted by our self doubts and well, ourselves. There is really nothing to lose, besides some sleepless nights like this one. (And maybe developing some gastric problems.)

So to the year 2006. The year I am proud to have lived and still living. And to 2007, where the world will go into economic depression and this crazy person will make 2 films (or 3), 1 reality programme, 2 concerts (at least), 1 major kick-ass event in town, more books, more posters, throw some more great parties, help cut a music album, start a revival in the films and the creative industry, fight against global warming, help animals find a home, learn a new language, tell my family I love them although I seldom see them and keep the same girl and loving her to bits.