Tuesday, April 17, 2007 

Wise Words from Syko

"One miss form a thousand bone hate, turn head also hundred years deep."

Monday, April 16, 2007 

30 before 30

I just turned 28. Back when I turned 21, I made a list of 30 things that I want to do before I turned 30. Now that I've started striking items off - I must say I have been doing well. Here it is:
  1. Start a design house and make it work
  2. Move out of my parents place
  3. Must visit: Tokyo, New York and London
  4. Learn to drive
  5. Own my dream car; a classic Volkswagen Beetle
  6. Make a movie
  7. Go sky diving and get a certificate to self dive
  8. Learn to dive (sea) and go diving
  9. Bungee jump
  10. Ride a horse
  11. Learn to snowboard
  12. Learn to surf
  13. Learn a third language
  14. Learn to rock climb
  15. Date a model
  16. Have sex on the beach
  17. Start a magazine (technically, it was started but never continued)
  18. Make my own products (again technically I did)
  19. Hold a personal exhibition
  20. Fight for a social cause
  21. Write a story and get it published
  22. Receive further education
  23. Teach a class
  24. Make a presentation to over 1,000 people about the things I do
  25. Attend a foreign film festival
  26. Judge some design or advertising competition or film festival
  27. Win some awards for my works
  28. Make some money off the internet
  29. Make enough money to have my own credit card
  30. Still be the same person that I am
I have scored 18/30 thus far and I have exactly 2 years to complete the rest. I think I have secured the difficult ones. 12 to go, a good year ahead!