Friday, January 30, 2009 

Photography by Let There Be Light

Great new photography by Anthony Levi Kho & imaging by Janice Poh from Let There Be Light. Special thanks to Chris and Shaine. Visit

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 

My City Screams - for Help!

I am largely feeling depressed after watching 'The Spirit' earlier today. I am a big fan of Mr Frank Miller's works and I have to say it seems apparent now that that shall remain in print form in the likes of 'Sin City', 'The Dark Knight Returns' (which I insist that Chris Nolan's Batmobile was 'inspired by') and even 'Robocop'.

Frank Miller has always resisted having his works translated into film until Robert Rodriguez came along and convinced him to make 'Sin City' (they are planning to do a 2 and 3) and even co-directed a few scenes. Nicely done Bob, you've got him hooked. So it perhaps made Zack Snyder's life easier when he pitched '300'.

So dear Frank has now gotten his hands dirty and made 'The Spirit'. And back to his resistance on HIS work being translated, I would believe he has instead turn Will Eisner's grave over. 'The Spirit' begins strong enough, for maybe 2 mins, and started to look like Sin City film and then it became clear that it is NOT. It reminded me sorely of 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' if you can painfully remember that one. The plot just loses itself, the characters became desktop wallpaper that speaks emptiness and the visuals became a sad rip off. Translating the 1940s to modern day and being lost between the two became a sick joke. I just re-watched the trailer and notice critics calling it 'Movie of the Year'...etc. Ah, honesty.

Yes, sexy the women are, and great that the city screams - perhaps because this film was ever made. Dear Mr Eisner R.I.P.

Official website

Now I am just hoping that 'The Watchmen' will live up to its reputation - kind of worried after seeing the second trailer having been very impressed with the teaser trailer.

Separately, Mark Miller (The Authority, Ultimates, Civil War), no relations to Frank Miller, is thinking of writing for screen a brand new Superman trilogy.

Saturday, January 03, 2009 


It has not been a great past few months. I have completely become nocturnal and just realized it is close to 8am and I have not slept the entire night. The last two weeks, I have been living in New York time in Asia. I don't make resolutions anymore as I don't keep them anyway. My answer to the resolution question the last few days was "My resolution for 2009 is 1080p." and I have been spending a lot of time in front of the plasma.

It has been a roller-coaster, 2008. Many highs and many lows. Emotionally and physically. Relationships and career. I began to think that 2008 feels like 10 years jammed packed into one. A year that went by with so much change - even without Obama using it as a slogan.

I would want '09 to be a little more grounded. Maybe because it is time to drop the "2" and enter into the "3". Someone once told me that as we get older, we start to lose 'friends' and the close ones (and real ones) becomes clearer and more preciously few. And I would like to thank them who have helped me 'survive' 2008.

Here's to 2009! Peace!


The Days DVD out in Singapore

To all our fans and friends, we have all worked very hard (especially Ms April Tong and Mr Andy Zeng) to make the original "The Days" DVD something to treasure. For everyone who have seen and enjoyed the film, we have jammed packed (until it's maximum capacity!) the DVD with a Making-of special, many deleted scenes, director & producer commentaries, music videos and much more. And for everyone who have missed the film in the cinemas, this one is for you and hope that you will enjoy the film as much as we have all enjoyed making it.

So buy the original! Don't even buy parallel imports!

PS: "The Days" is showing at Sinema Old School as well, and they have a special bundle for the DVD and soundtrack! Visit for details.