Wednesday, February 27, 2008 

SIFF: Coming of Age - Coming Soon

I remember the first time I watched a Singapore film it was at the SIFF. I wasn't such a big film buff until seeing the kind of films I have watched at the festival. The typical diet of big blockbusters and Asian flare was suddenly upset with films from another part of the world in languages that I don't understand. Small films with a lot of heart. Big films with a lot of soul. I do not profess to be an arthouse cinema lover (whatever that means). I have learnt and appreciated over the years the vast palette of films the festival has brought. I have to attribute my personal film journey to this every special event.

This year, at Sinema Old School we are presenting the Singapore Panorama - an unprecedented amount of works by Singapore filmmakers.

My wish is for the survival and revitalization of the Singapore International Film Festival, whether this ends up as the swan song let it then be a big number. Should this become a start of a real Singapore film industry, it will be something.

Thank you to all the people: to their persistent and belief - to the magic that is the SIFF.