Friday, January 12, 2007 


I am reading up on what is going on with our weather of late. Was watching CNA and what was said was that we have come to point where we have to figure out what to do to live with global warming because it is may be too late to make significant change.

[Personally, I like the cool (or even cold) weather we are experiencing of late, the wetness is not a real turn off. It is next few months where it will be extremely hot that is worrying me]

So there is this Climate Crisis educator resource from the An Inconvenient Truth web that is very good read. Then I looked up and saw this line: "Movies have the power to inspire. You have the power to act. Participate!"

Was just sharing with Darren and Jolene today about this new project that I want to work on while I am travelling the next 2 weeks. So I have my trusty camera with me and I promised to act on it.

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