Wednesday, March 12, 2008 

Weather it is good or bad...

You can spent 6 months or even more planning and plotting the path to make a film but when it is crunch time... some things are just beyond your control. We have not release anything much about the new film but many perhaps know that it is being directed by Boi Kwong and produced by April Tong and myself. The teaser website (well, more like webpage) is at, and we are currently about 2 weeks into production.

Making a film is not without its moments - good ones, bad ones and so many things you learn along the wonderful journey and dealing with people. It is storytelling at its best, it is about people pouring their hearts and sweat out to make something happen. And it is magical.

Since we started principal photography 29 February, we have been facing the problem of the availability of one of the lead characters played by Derrick R. He is currently serving his national service but we have already secured the days that he needs to be around and the authorities are very supportive. With the escape of Mas Selamat on 27 February, it has cause us so much heartache trying to rearrange the schedules as Derrick's unit is on full alert. As his unit starts to stand down we are getting him back and shot a few crucial scenes with him in it already.

Yesterday (12 March), was the biggest blow to our morale with the unexpected March rainfalls. We wrapped early and took today off to recuperate as we approach a big set-up for the weekend.

I just spent the off day with Boi, the director and Jason Poh, the executive producer and Beng Huat, the director of photography at Iceberg, the post production house, going through the shots. It has definitely given us much needed boost as most of the shots looks great. Some of the performance by the actors just brought a smile of our faces and I especially like to say a "HOSAY!" to the art department and wardrobe department for helping all of us create the early nineties.

It is strange here where we move so fast that things just about 15 years ago are no longer around. Little things: the money we use, the way we stay connected with our mobile phones these days vs the pagers and call zone phones from back then. Even McDonald's have changed their identity so much that when art brought in the old paper cups, it brings back so much memories of the days spent 'studying' at Mac. And the fashion, you will not believe where the wardrobe guys manage to find all the clothes from then.

(I just realised writing this that no local film has touched 1989-1990...)

I will be away for the weekend attending the HongKong Filmart with Jason, so to the guys, good luck, keep the faith and rest well when you can.