Saturday, January 28, 2006 

The Starry & Handy Show

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Friday, January 27, 2006 

Bubble the Movie

Steven Soderbergh’s latest movie, ‘Bubble’ , opens today, 27 January, in the states. Unlike his star-studded ‘Ocean’s Twelve’, Bubble is a small-town drama with a bunch of unknowns. Touted by Esquire as one of the strangest film ever. Written by the Coleman Hough, who also scripted Soderbergh’s (sleeper) ‘Full Frontal’. The interest? Well, apparently, this will be the first film ever to be released in the cinemas, DVD and HD TV, all at the same time – Today! – in the states. Mark the date. So I suppose that is one way of discouraging the pirates. Which means that our friendly neighbours up North may not have it. Amazon-ing anyone?

So while reading up about the film, came across this short film . Totally not related to the earlier mentioned. Weird stuff. The image above is from the short film.


The MIH Watch

I am the first to admit I am not a watch fan. After the whole conversion from pagers to the mobile phones, many many yonks ago, my time is told by the phone. Never liked the feeling of something on the wrist, used to wear a watch on on right hand (right-handed) and it gets in the way when I am drawing. Can't help it. Then there was the sun-tan line. So much prefer it without a watch. For some cosmic reason, I started looking at watches, learning and reading. Slowly. And I came across this, the MIH annual calender. A true beauty. The design approach got to me. Bad design is when a piece of design tries too hard and pretends to be complex with ideas from far far away. Good design is when the complexities are reduced to a simple approachable solution. Good design can be understood. Good design should be timeless.

Extract from the site :

"In line with Ludwig Oechslin’s reductionist concept, the watch is pared down to its essential elements, yet retains a crucial complication, namely, the calendar. Watches with date displays are common enough, but few are able to show the day of the week, month and date and keep track of the different numbers of days in the months. Two types of mechanical calendar are capable of this: perpetual calendars, which are built around highly complex mechanisms that go so far as to recognise irregularities such as leap years, and annual calendars, which have to be corrected once a year at the end of February to take into account that month’s occasional idiosyncrasy. Even annual calendars tend towards technical complexity, with display windows often distributed around the entire dial for constructional reasons, making them counter-intuitive to read. Ludwig Oechslin has taken this challenge head on and has come up with a design for an annual calendar that is built around just 9 moving parts (instead of the usual 30-40) – and its display is contained within one easy-to-read window."

Thursday, January 19, 2006 

No need to wash the car

Late with this post and not unusual. With all the rain rants that had went by, decided to lay low with this one. Lisa shot this a while back (not part of the Rain project) with me Ixy.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

Red Star Restaurant

Suffering from hungry pains and having almost all stores closed today, we ended up at the Red Star Restaurant for some good-old fashion dim sum. The place is buzzing, very old skool. The crowd was well crowded. We were given a small table in the middle (or corner) of Siberia. Being in the dark corner, we had to fight with the rest for the dim sum that were rowed out. The trolleys never reached us. Fight for Food. Typical. Food was okay, the ambient was amazing. And the price for two: S$26.90. Go try. It is just after Gallery Hotel on the 7th storey of a carpark.

Sunday, January 01, 2006 

To Start New

After attempting to get this going for 2 years. I am starting over once again.

Laughter. The last hour of the first day of the New Year was laughter. Great start, I would think. I don’t usually do the what-I-did-last-year and what-to-expect-in-the-next thing. Still not going to. Things got done the last year. Some things got fast-forwarded, some things happened which should not have. There was hurt and there were forgiveness, for which I am treasuring. Some items on my life checklist were achieved. The car is still going to take another month of so. Sigh.

The first week is going to be back to the workaholic anonymous. I am not complaining, think it is going to be a great start.

Happy New Year everyone! Joyous Everything™.