Sunday, August 27, 2006 

Singapore Dreaming Starts 7 September

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Parking at Ean Kiam Place

Ean Kiam Place, the office for the last 3 years, has been developing into a mini creative hub. With neighbours like Stikfas, Visibility, Egg Creative, Rapture Gaming, and most recently The Lawn. Mostly attracted by the cool restored 2 storey shophouses and the afforadable rental.

Parking has always been a problem because it is one of those FREE PARKING AFTER 5PM URA lots and the Katong eateries are just round the corner, the Laksa and the Ba-Chuo Mee.

So I am the kind who pops into the office, goes out for appointments, and pop back in. I have the URA season parking but often no lots are available. So I will just park across the lane on the double yellow lines and look out for the attendants, then run down the stairs and stop them before they can execute the fingers of damnation.

The other day, the usual. "Hey, someone is going to book your car!" I ran down to see this PREMAS attendant on his cool new bike. He was nice enough, like most of them in the area strangly, to not book me, it is like a common understanding. But this was the best bit.

"Brother, you can park in front. At the space between Odeon Katong and Ean Kiam."

"Are you sure? That place got NO PARKING sign on the wall."

"No problem. Park there." and smiled.

So I drove the car 10m in front.

"Are you sure or not?" I asked

" Ya lah, don't worry can one."

"But... there is a fire hydrant here."

"Oh, is it? Then move your car back a bit lah." he said.

"There is the NO PARKING sign if I move back."

"Aiyah, don't worry lah. I will not book you."

"You sure ah."

"Yes. That one not my area. Only the TP (Traffic Police) will book you. Park lah."


I think I will get my season parking from The Odeon Katong Shopping Centre hence forth.

Friday, August 25, 2006

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