Thursday, September 27, 2007 

More ERP Gantry Points come November 2007

"Oh! You must be kidding! F#@K!" As heard driving out of town towards the east yesterday on the ECP. Couldn't help but notice a brand new ERP gantry erected over the flyover into the ECP bridge. "Traffic congestion affects the quality of life and the environment as well as the overall efficiency and productivity of the economy." Sure, so the richy poos who are not bothered by this gets to go home early to the family.

If one is to work at Plaza Singapura and drives to work in the morning - kana one gantry on the ECP, the second one just after the Rochor exit and a third near Fort Canning. And leaving on the dot for home would meant one KNN one just outside The Cathay, then maybe can avoid a second but one just before entering ECP. Of course, going done the very jammed up Beach Road is one option and there is Nicoll Highway, no gantry yet right? Wait Ophir Road has another one. Ass!

Of course we have public transport, also got fare changes. Then maybe we carpool. Or maybe we just stay in town for drinks - cannot, later kana caught drink driving. So how? Stay in town watch movie, expensive popcorn and equally expensive parking. Just wait for 8pm lor. Then next time "Traffic congestions after 8pm has prompted the LTA to increase the evening ERP to 10pm." Then the taxi's all disappear.

This is perhaps the resolution - move offices out of town. Since rental prices are sky high anyway. Then Ubi, Eunos (already jam spots), Tampines and Changi prices goes up some more. Then cause more congestions. Solution. Simple - more ERP.

I suggest we go all go Green. Get a bicycle. (But that may eventually lead to an IU unit installed on the bikes). Forget it. I am going to work from home.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 

The Iron Man Trailer

I must say, it looks potentially a very good take. Iron Man has always been one of my favourites, often under-rated largely due to the nonsensical villians (Living Laser, Spymaster?) he faces. The whole Civil War really put me (and I believe a lot of fans) on the Captain's side.

So this is Marvel's arsenal next year. Let's see what happens with DC and The Dark Knight.

Saturday, September 01, 2007 


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