Wednesday, July 26, 2006 

I Am Singaporean

Finally, getting a bit of time to write again. I was asked the question by an interviewer "What do you love about Singapore?". Seriously, I can't really remember what I answered, only because I was trying to translate from English to Mandarin. So now thinking back, I would have said this. “I love Singapore because it is my home. My roots are here, my friends and family are here. I was watching the BBC documentary “Singapore” and was pleasantly surprised by the many things I do not know about my own country. Why is it that we all need a foreign perspective for us to realized how interesting we really are. Singapore, as it began was a rebel, Raffles was a rebel. Yes, I would love to get jobs from all over the world and be able to travel and work – but this is my home. If you ask me if I am a stayer, I would say I am torn. We have to find the worms and bring them back to the nest. But you have to build the nest first. I will stay and make my mark, then I would like to go and stamp our mark everywhere. (see 1819Supermovement ) Dare I say most of us love our country. But we do not necessarily have to fly a flag out of our window once a year to announce our pledge. I am proud to have been educated in both English and Mandarin. When I was on a plane to New York, I am helping the old Chinese couple beside me translate to the foreign cabin crew. Ming was telling me that he has a new project in mind. A “I am Singaporean” sticker or decal. Would I paste it up, hell yes! I may not fly the flag, but a sticker, alright! “I love Singapore, but Singapore may not love me back.” said Nic Chee. I agree.


Temasek Design School Going HD

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 

Webisode 4 Online

The next chapter is online. Please visit the TV section and click on channel 4 to view.

Friday, July 07, 2006 

Becoming Roystion - Webisode 3 | New Images and Posters

Hey All,

The next installment of 'Becoming Royston' is up. Lots on new stuff are being uploaded, more posters, stills and behind the scene images.

Boon Huat (Alvin Neo) has finally reached the mainland with the help of the boatman (Tay Kay Chin). Introducing Ah Girl played by Oon Shu An. Guest starring Charles David as Balaji and also lead singer of the The UnXpected, Shirlyn Tan.

Thank you for all the writings and sharing we have received for online project "長大后要做什麼?" "What do you want to be when you grow up?". If you have not sent in your heartwarming stores, please do so. You can stand a chance to win 'Royston's Shorts' DVD.