Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Award Acceptance Speech

Not that I have won any of late, just want to put it into practise and see how many hate comments I get for missing out someone. Plus, I can't sleep.

Thank you for this. I have dreamt my whole life to be here receiving this award. I would like to thank firstly my mother whose genes I so greatly treasure. My dad who is watching from above. My grandmother who I so love. And my entire family. To the oldest friend I have and still keep in touch with, Mingfei, what a strange 20 odd years. They say keep your friends close, your enemy closer, thank you Richard. Thank you Ernest who I first met at TP who make me feel so small when I first saw his work and I so believe to be great (or even greater) in what he does. To Martin the reckless superstar. Singapore has a genius and he is making our island rock in Tokyo. To Chris who taught me what friends are for. To Sean who taught me the same plus a few killer moves. Nicholas, you scare me sometimes; in the most excellent way. Ming, the best housemate anyone can have but can't have. Kay Chin, proving that getting older only means you get sexier (and wiser). Darren, thank you, thank you, thank you. Bryan, thank you for being there when I need someone (to bitch to). To Abigael for remembering me, and keeping the flame of the ECA burning. Terence and Yumei, thank you for one of most excellent presentations I have ever done. To Christina, who I have not seen in a while. Thank you for your insanity. Ken, JuJu, no one can be prettier and have a greater eye than you. Jessica, I wish you happiness always. To all the people who have made this night possible, I can't name them all... William, Yonnis, Leonard, Sinyee, Sumei, Mak, Belynda, Terence, Maye-E, Shrilyn, Joe, Joanne, Alan, Tracy, Troy and so many others. And all my ex-girlfriends who have taught me to become stronger everytime.

{Music starts}

And finally, to the sweetest star in my sky, Marie. You make time stop, you make me smile, you make me love. Thank you.

Thank you so much once again.

{Exit Music}

Monday, February 20, 2006 

Do Not Pass GO. Do Not Collect $200.

My first offence. Littering.

After so many years of the Litter-Free campaign, it has finally hit home. “Sir, we saw you throw the litter into the plants. Please surrender your IC.” Starry tried her best to talk us out of it. Reminds me of the people who try to talk their way out when a traffic cops stops them in a B-grade movie. “There are so many people here doing the same. It is a bad month for us,” she pleads. “Ok, I summon one of you only.” Sigh.

As a first time offender of Section 17 (1) (a), you can compound the amount by paying $200 to the NEA. You can pay by cash at the district office, or cheque, money order or postal order made payable to the “National Environmental Agency”. Or more better-er, you can pay by AXS. How convenient for us offenders. No fire and brimstone. Payment terms made easy. How will we ever learn the ill effects of littering?

I turned to the officer. “ Excuse me, is this your full time job?” I was concerned.

Officer: “No, I work at the NEA as a … …”

®: “Oh, so you kana do extra duty on Sunday?”

O: “We take turns.”

®: “Do you get OT (overtime pay)?”

O: “No.”

®: “Can I volunteer to help the agency catch others?”

O: “I am not sure. Don’t think so.”

Starry: “Yah. If they pay us then we can pay back the fine.”

O: “We don’t get paid for this.”

S: “…”

®: “I think the best solution, tell your bosses- is for offenders like us to be your eyes. As an offender, instead of paying a fine and being threatened jail term and court hearings, we should do the (now abolished) CWO duty and go catch others. Makes your lives easier. You don’t have to put up with stupid excuses and be cursed by people. On a Sunday some more! I though we are into that Family unit thing? Then you guys can spent more time with your family. Then we can go hunting. Can be fun.”

Officer 2: “You damn smart ah.” And nod his head

O: Laughs. Nod.

®: “And if they give us any excuses. We say: We did the same thing. Littering is bad. Now we have changed. Now it is your turn. Go forth and hunt down others”

That’s that. Started reading the back of the slip, and notice that: “You attend a 15-min briefing session within 14 days… on how littering can pollute and harm the environment. Briefing to be held at Southern Environmental Health District Office…

Siah lah. No number to call some more. So called 100 to check for Southern Environmental Health District Office. “Sir, no such number listed.” “Cannot be lah. This is a government office.” “No have sir.” “Give me the NEA number then.”

“67327733.” (NEA number)

®: “Hello, do you have the number to Southern Environmental Health District Office?”

“62724266.” (Southern Environmental Health District Office number)

®: “Hello. Enquiring about the briefing session… I got caught littering.”

“No need. No more briefing. Just pay. Thank you.”


Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

The 2nd Attempt

The second attempt. Got recipe online. Lost the URL. Starry gave *****.

Monday, February 13, 2006 

TYPO 101: What's up with DAX?

Scouring the magazines that I receive by mail and the news-stands, notice a very strange phenomenon; a fair number of local magazine are using the Fontfont typeface DAX. PhotoVideoi, SALT and the Konica Minolta Newsletter. Discovered the typeface about four years ago and used it for the Caffeine identity (damn!).

Don’t get me wrong, Dax is a beautiful typeface. High x-height, space saving and highly readable. Not so great for columns but great for headlines. Especially like the condensed version. A bit of background: Dax is a derivative from Futura created by German renaissance man of sort, Hans Reichel . Reichel is a composer, musician, inventor, designer – sound like someone we know. Should check out Reichel’s site . Helvetica receive its homage , looks like a Dax book might be on its way. Any bets?

Saturday, February 11, 2006 

The 14th Day of the 2nd Month of the Year

I am becoming less and less up for the hyped-up holidays and events. Christmas is becoming jaded. New Year’s should be a small cozy gathering. CNY... never liked it much, too many questions. Next is line is the dreaded Valentine’s Day. It always gets to me why should there be a day for you to; buy flowers, write in little cards, some dinner somewhere. All to show the special someone you adore, well how much you adore them. I know that the day is meant for family too (but admit it, you will only say that if you are single.) I mean come on, you need a day to remind you to have a little romance, when everyone else trying to do the same? Let me give you my predictions. If flowers are a commodity (they are actually), put your money in it. Don’t forget the wrapping paper and ribbons, paper might see a rise. Then there is a scarce amount of cabs around, especially the Mercedes and London cab. Most hotels will have no rooms (apparently, the number of children born in the month of November is quite significant.) And food, forget dinning out. And, there is a strange lack of teddy bears around. And, the SPCA is going to be busy the next weeks or so.

Romance is for everyday. We don’t need a day for it. Here, is my first attempt at cooking a main dish. Cod wrapped in bacon. She made the salad. Got the thumbs up. Not meant for Valentine's Day, just meant for Starry.

Thursday, February 09, 2006 


Feeling under today. Been raining the entire day. Slept quite a bit. Managed to finished Season 4 of 24. Now in-between dreams. And the conversation goes on about dinner. "Maybe we make salad. And soup." "No more carbo." Read the recipe book. Hastle. "Maybe we go to the Soup Spoon at Raffles City." "Ok, then can shop a bit." "Feeling sick leh." "Maybe we go Cold Storage." "Raining leh." "We make salad and soup. We've got the fish stock from the other day. Sliced fish and tofu." "Still need to go out, no fish." "How?" "How?" "I sleep first lah." "Ok, need to check my mail."

Sunday, February 05, 2006 

The Sunday Afternoon Shower

Men generally spent very little time in the shower. Washed hair 2 days ago, so today no need. Slap on some shower foamy. Scrub a bit. wash of. Towel dry. Done. All in about 5 mins or so. Go out the whole day, come home, maybe shower. Decided on a new ritual today. The long, attentive Sunday Afternoon Shower. Sunday is a good day. Get up later than usual. Spent more time in the shower. Wished I had a bath tub. Shampoo & Conditioner (Pantene or Original Mint Source). Shower Foam (Palmolive). Warm water face. Facial Scrub. Cold water rinse. Hair trimmings. Nail cutting. Teeth brushing (twice). Listerine. No Floss so no flossing. Pimple inspection. Moisturise. Body spray. I feel good. A good 40 mins.