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Saturday, September 20, 2008 

Time & Place

It has been a while since the last time I actually wrote a proper blog entry. It is about 5.30am now and I just got back home. It is one of those nights that it doesn't feel at all like it is early morning.

We are in the second week of the theatrical release of "THE DAYS", we are still in the midst of our endless promotions and roadshows.

The last hour, I am thinking about the notion of time & place and how we can sometimes control how that works in one's favour. To be in the right place and right time is a real art form. Some may argue that it is luck but I beg to defer. I think it can be created either consciously or more often subconsciously. And I am not talking about work (Dear Ernest who is leaving for London today, I don't work all the time! And all the blessings for the year ahead!), I am thinking about relationships.

I just got something beautiful in an SMS, apparently the lyrics of a song "...The months they don't matter. It's the days I can't take. As hours turn to minutes and I'm seconds away." (Part of something I am working (shit working!) on which is now still a secret.)

I think procrastination should be one of the seven deadly sins.

If we are such great creatures of creation, can we then create the (impossible) place to best give a timely delivery? What if the entire time & place is perfect but the result is an infinite failure?

I am thinking about "No. 4" (my new short film) suddenly. I remember talking to Yann Yann about finite possibilities. A 'What-if' scenario - 'What if' we know the time & place of how we will eventually die - and knowing this early in our lives. Will we live any different;y? Will the maybe 70 years (or less) that we have on this world be put into better use? What will we do with our lives? What will we fight for? Who do we choose to love? Who do we have to leave behind?

I just re-read what i just wrote and I realise I am rambling aimlessly. I think I am feeling the morning on my face. Better go to sleep.